Wednesday, January 10, 2007

From the boondocks to very sunny Kampala

I don't know if its because I have been moving about in the cooler climes of Bushenyi, Ntungamo, Mbarara and Rukungiri that I feel this city has turned into a 24/7 steam bath or if thats how its been all along. I can't cover myself at night and that means I am having issues with those ear loving insects (having always considered myself to cool to sleep under a mosquito net.

The travelling around has been a good break and I feel somewhat rejuvenated. Got some business done and checked on sme people I share DNA with, who I would have not seen for another decade or so.

Something struck me about many of the places I visited. There seems to be some serious progress in general but a lot more in things entertainment related all over the place. There are satelite dishes at every trading centre and the premiership is serious business everywhere. Two builders at my great-aunt's place in Ruk town (I didnt make that up, some guys actually refer to Rukungiri that way) where having a very heated and informed argument about whether Chelsea had any chance of retaining the premiereship trophy. If any of you had seen these guys you would understand why I was surprised.

There are places where one can actually hangout and have a pleasant time out there. There are some nice night spots in these towns. Had I called Ntungamo a one-horse-town the last time I passed through, I would have been insulting one-horse-towns the world over. The town went and got itself a horse and its now a place I wouldn't mind spending a night in. I did have drinks with some of the towns well heeled people at a bar that puts my usual watering whole to shame and I quite liked the experience.

I guess thats why these places haven't been spared that bloody scourge that is driving me stark raving bonkers, CALYPSO. There is no escaping the damn dance. Twice, at a wedding in Bushenyi and at another kikeesa in remote Rukungiri, I noticed the calypso is the only dance anybody seems to know. Whether the song be Omwana Wa Bandi or Ridin' Derty everybody moves about like they just broke their backs or something.

Being out there gets one to put many things in perspective. Nobody seems to give out formal invitations to some social functions. Somehow those who have to attend will be present and those that were not formally invited will not be bounced. I guess because the food is cheap and they cook it in amounts that are quit mindboggling (at least to me) they know everybody will be fed. The phrase "the more the merrier" is taken quite seriously in those parts.

Now that I am having my brains fried in K'la I am beginning to miss the "boondocks", their cool climate and laid back air.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New year to Y'all

I would like to wish you all a happy bran new 2007, which looks like its going to be a hell of a lot better than 2006.

Sorry I have been away for long. Originally it was because I had somehow lost my blogging mojo, but over the past month or so it has been because I have been galavanting in areas with names like Nyakagyeme, Namufumura, Katereeza, Kyaka, Ruhinda (all in western and southwestern Uganda), which are internet challenged.

I am actually just going through Bushenyi town right now and I have taken advantage of some NGO office to make this quick post.

Will be uploading some pix and getting my blog on soon enough. But first will spend like two days seeing what I have missed from all of you.

Did I wish you all a Happy New Year?