Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ugandan bloggers where art thou?

In the past few weeks I have been prowling all over the blogosphere looking for Ugandan bloggers and I must say I have been very disappointed. There are hardly any Ugandan blogs and the few that I have found are not really my cup of tea.

Most Ugandan blogs I have come across are heavily political. They are all about Kony, poverty, democracy (usually the lack of it) e.t.c, you catch my drift. In this group are ugandawatch. These topics are not bad but it all paints a grim picture of Uganda. The funny thing is that many of these bloggers are actually foreigners with a keen interest in Uganda’s politics. The rest are mostly opposition types, and self proclaimed anarchists. The other type are tourists going through Uganda.

I would like to find bloggers that are talking about their ordinary lives, what they get up to everyday. These are the kind of blogs I find interesting. The Kenyans are light-years ahead on this they even have a webring of Kenyan blogs. So far I have found only one Ugandan blogger, called mataachi, I would like to follow.

I hope to find more blogs, because I feel blogging is the latest means of open self expression and a great opportunity for budding writers to practice. Lets not miss out on this fun. My fellow Ugandans where art thou.


The 0ne said...

Okay,because you asked...and because someone went and spammed my blog....

There's a couple more,but this ought to get you started...

Jay said...

Thanks a bunch. These are great blogs. I don't feel alone anymore

MDD said...

hi jay, i thank u. tis funny that i used 2 consider maself informed but gues ma suprise when david tumusiime talked me about blog-spots, something i had never heard in this era.
anyhow, i went ahead & opened ma 1st blog at & was dejected when i emailed ma pals abt it & no one replied. only two buddies, one German and one Briton responded on how great ma blog was.
personally i didn't like its layout coz i couldnt learn how 2 post photos and stuff.
well, i went ahead & opened another blogspot at, which i seem 2 like better thou am not so sure.
sorry abt ma rumblings. i want u 2 kno that i appreciate u visiting ma blogspot & posting not only yo view but also being able 2 link me 2 other ugandan bloggers.
from today, its gonna be a ride and i really appreciate!

Jay said...

Your are welcome. I will put up a link to your other blog. Why dont you transfer your posts on writer's Room to crazy muhumuza?