Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy 2K6

I see most of us made it into the new year, which is a nice thing. The holidays were quite fine. I'm back at work, well rested and quite broke.

Broke already you ask. Yes, I am.

That is the one reason why next festive season I wish I have some kind 13 hour job or something so that I don't spend and I am too exhausted to do anything else after that. The thing is I have been off work for nearly 2 weeks and as much as staying at home is fun, it is also bloody draining.

The thing is that the salary comes earlier than usual and for those people with tendencies like mine, it is not good to have money in the pocket and nothing to do. Everyday tends to be a weekend and this goes with all a weekend comes with.

Staying at home might be fine for one or two days, but after a while the legs get itchy and they beg to move. That is also the time of year all sorts of proggies come about.

Scenario 1
"We go to Jinja this afternoon", says derailing friend. "Why not", replies yours truly. And off the merry pair goes for an afternoon at Bujagali and and evening at Sombreros and some other place whose name I forget.

Scenario 2
10pm on a certain Super Tuesday at Steak Out
"Its late, we had better get going", says yours truly. "I think you are right, can't be late for jobo tomorrow", replies trusty partner-in-crime. Slowly the pair makes its way to the exit until, as if on cue, they stop and say in unison, "but there is no work tomorrow". Back to the counter they head 'til the embarrassingly wee hours of the morning.

Scenario 3
Ring, ring.
"Hello", answers sleepy Jay cussing those that have no respect for people's early morning sleep. Reaches for watch as he answers phone. Time check, 12:43pm.
"'Sup Jay, I'm having a house party today and i'd like you to come along", says caller. "Starts at 6 and bring your own bottle and by the way come with some chicks", continues caller.

Six hours later Jay is off to party with a bottle of Gilbeys. He tells himself that he is only going because he does not want to disappoint friend. "I will get there say hi to the guys, have a soda and head on home to watch TV", he tells himself, afterall he is still slightly hangover.

12:43am, Jay is dancing rhythmlessly (on account of a number of shots of Gilbey's, Waragi, some Club Pilsner and a wicked punch) to some raggaetone number with Sheila (or was it Stella)-the happiest camper on earth. No intentions of going home to watch TV whatsoever.

2pm, Somebody mentions the disco and Jay is all to eager to further display his lack of rhythm elsewhere. From here on memory becomes hazy.

Two weeks of such and you can imagine why I feel there is too much month at the end of the salary. But it was a blast though. Enough to last me 'til April.


Brother Jero (BJ) said...

Hey Jay, Happy New Year to you. Lookout in the bank, I just sent you saw 5 to see you through the tough month.

This is the month you bond with your tube (TV).

Carlo said...

so you're not suicidal, and neither are you high on the Holy Ghost? men, what does one do to get some fun action around here??? drunks are an everyday thing so please attempt suicide or something!

don't listen to me.

Jay said...

Don't you think thats a bit too harsh. We can't all be into the same stuff.

Thanks for all the comments though.