Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mombao snaps

Mes amis
On a chiller atop das boot
Little fishies as seen through the glass floor of the boat. That trip kinda freaked me out coz i seen all them shark movies and the black guy never makes it.

Got to busy pinting and nearly got swallowed up by the tide covering the sand bar in the ocean


Arrival in Nairobi

I am somewhere in the snaps. Lets see who will point me out (under no obligation to deny or confirm).

Might put up more if i can get my formerly trusty dell to stop acting up. This internet cafe business is taking to long.


jkb said...

I'll bet my sorry life on this, but aren't u that guy soaking on a burgudy tie in the last snap? Yeah, yeah I figured that out.

One glance at the buses tells a mammoth story of an uncomfy and loooog trip. Right?

Anonymous said...

in the black cap

Kobayashi said...


I I remember taking these pics