Friday, June 02, 2006

I can see where you live

I dowloaded google earth a while back but I had not really checked it out until just now and I think I have found me another reason not to leave this laptop. Google earth lets you zoom in on virtually any location on earth and for the most part the pictures are of good resolution.

I have just taken a virtual tour of Kampala and its been quite interesting.

Check out Nakivubo/Newpark Area and Queens clock tower.

I just might be getting the layout of where one of you guys lives.


savage said...

I downloaded it , but have never gotten around to actually trying it out.
There was a time you could use someone's U.S phone number for a google search and you would get that person's home address complete with a map to lead you there. Just what stalkers, kidnappers and pedophiles needed. After people complained about it, google did something about it.

Jay said...

that explains all the questions when attempting to upgrade to the premium version.

Degstar said...

yo, look up the hilltop in Kisaasi off the road to East High School that branches off the Ntinda - Kisaasi road, just after the Ndere Centre. that be where i dwell.