Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Kitante Petition

Some of the almuni (like yours truly), friends, parents and wellwishers of Kitante Primary School are seeking signitures for a petition preventing the the illegal apportioning of the School's land. If you feel the cause follow this link and add your signiture to the petition.

For those of you who might have gone through Kitante Primary School try and imagine no cops and robbers "in the rocks" and all the other games that could only be enjoyed because there was enough space to run around. Those of us who went through the school when corporal punishment was the norm might have also wished that that bamboo grove by the Museum fence had never existed but this wouldn't have been the way to get rid of it.


Darlkom said...

I was in Kitante all my 7 years and I loved it. They were 7 of my best years and I almost cried when I found out. I have signed the petition and I hope everyone does.

Lovely Amphibian said...

one of the best dates i've had had kitante written in the script. my beautiful date, a former pupil, is so attached to the school. so on our way to the cinema, she gave me a tour of her old school. and i could see the passion with which she told the stories from her past.

but what about the arguements that the investments in the area could be a far better option? is this not the same story as "we build a dam at bujagali because we'll get loads of money vs. we need to keep these beautiful rapids because they are more useful to us the way they are"?

Iwaya said...

@abt the petition: only former kitante students are allowed to sign?

@in general: what's wrong with some of the words on your blog? they seem to have apostrophes when they should not. or is it just my computer?

inktus said...

thot the school was relocatin? to somewhere in lugogo, if i'm not mistaken. ot is it old k'la? nwayz, apparently it aint illegal cuz the school was relocatin anyway.

lissingmink said...

Do petitions really work ? I mean not ideally, really really.

where's the petion at? would like to sign

@Iwaya and Jay... yeah, funny squibles appearing.

Jay said...

@iwaya and lissingmink, The petition is open to anybody. We are trying to raise enough hell to get noticed. Can't guarantee that the powers that be will change their minds. petition can be found here

@inktus, that was shimoni that as to be relocated.

@anonymous, I'll tel you when you stop being anonymous.

I have no idea why there are thingies in my posts but i'll try to get them out.

Degstar said...

my best friend in S.1 - Henry Kahiire - was in Kitante so i'ma sign this petition 4 u Henu.