Thursday, July 13, 2006

Museveni has done it again

Museveni has just offered another investor prime property in the city without the courtesy of consulting or informing the major stakeholders. Is it just me or is our President's dishing out of public land getting out of hand.

For all the reasons I had for wanting Kaguta's son out of State House in February, my major peeve with him is how he micromanages everything and the way he is running the country like a personal homestead. He is convinced(actually tries to convince everyone) that nobody else has the the good of the country at heart and therefore he has to perform the thankless task of being in charge of everything-setting university tuition fees, deciding who builds where, offering land to investors (99 year leases and all) et cetera. What hubris!!

The thing that ticks me off most is not so much that the land was offered to an investor (to build an IVF clinic) but the fact that everything was done as a personal directive from the president.The Uganda Investment was directed to facilitate the process. Kitante Primary School, The Ministry of Education (Kitante is a public school) and other actors like the land board were not consulted.

And some people wonder why some of us never believe in his "one more term to consolidate achievements and strengthen institutions" speeches.

Its bad enough that all the wetlands around the city are being gobbled up by bigshots in connivance with corrupt City officials, but having a President who seems intent on ridding Kampala of any open spaces is a bit scary.

Land belonging to, a national broadcaster, two of the biggest free primary schools in the city, a public park and God knows what else, all given away just like that. Its just not right.


Lovely Amphibian said...

true on that gripe, Jay. i think there are few people in power who think like the president. this is probably because Kagu has read his Machiavelli very well; he does not let bright people live around now he is convinced that since all like thinkers are far, far away, he has the task to think for us poor plebs.

but the fact is that we are already in a dangerous situation, stuck with a guy who is drunk on power. he might have the best designs for this country given that he has fought for it for like forty years. but that does not negate the fact that he is just human and he can make mistakes. this is what he does not want to be told. meanwhile, he gives away the land and does not explain his actions coz we wont understand.

CountryBoyi said...

absurd. watching those kitante kids blasting kaguta's decision went to show how bogus the situation. what's going on? museveni no doubt has become a typical no. 1; he has his swing up high & if you don't hold on tightly u'll be thrown down the abyss. as besigye said on WBS, people involved in the scheme should be careful because everything being done is illegal. time will dawn when the seized land with return to it's rightful owners.

Bronchitikat said...

You know, it's things like this which make those of us who live in the West wonder about giving Aid to Africa - for all we know that certain areas really need it.

So I give it via Tearfund - which doesn't work through Governments. & given some governments (that in the UK included) it's just as well.

MuseveniKaguta said...

In the July 2006 issue of The Africa Report magazine, professor Calestous Juma, head of the Practice of International Development, at, says the following: [ A vibrant democratic tradition has to be based on sound intellectual foundations. Most African political parties lack these. Effective party platforms should draw on inputs from think-tanks and other research institutions - and these should be of African, rather than foreign, origin.
In Africa's young democracies, party platforms would serve as a stable foundation and source of vision for governments. Parties would be forced to develop programmes that reflect the will and needs of the citizenry and would, in turn, be elected or defeated depending on their policy proposals.
Open dialogue over policy is a key element of democracy. Platforms would foster healthy competition between parties and, as a result, parties would become more distinctive and unique. In turn, the electorate would have a better choice when voting, and would not be compelled to revert to voting based on ethnic or religious affiliations. .....
Party political platforms are not meaningless campaign documents but, rather, they play a significant role in setting the stage for the implementation of policy after an election. ...]

The 0ne said...

There's something very wrong with this country isn't there.And yet,if you want to see the guilty people you need only to look in the mirror...You did this...By voting him into power again...And Mr. President if you see this...say,seeing as Luzira Prison may be sold off, this means you can get away with almosy anythin,right...