Thursday, August 10, 2006

Any Stasibasiphobes in the house?

While trying to get some light to the dark and murky place that is my mind by way of my trusty friend google it dawned on me that I am not as messed up as I had earlier imagined. There are a some really troubled souls out there judging from some of the disorders and phobias I have come across.

Think of any irrational fear of anything and somebody somewhere probably has it and it will have a medical name. This guy has a list of all manner of phobias.

While reading throughthe list, I wonder why anybody would be dendrophobic (afraid of trees) -except for hobbit lost in the Fangorn Forest. But then, phobias are not logical.

I would think being afraid of being buried alive (taphophobia) is normal and those 
who are not should be the troubled ones. 

If any of you answered yes to the title of this post I suggest you jump of a not-too-high building and land strategically as to carefully break you spine that way you will become paraplegic and you wont have to be afraid of walking or standing up anymore.

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inktus said...

my most irrational fears (in order of irrationality);

1. mould. like on potatoes and gangrened flesh.
2. lice.
3. maggots.
4. cockroaches. real big ones.
5. death by any one of the above. this ought to have been number 1!