Friday, August 18, 2006

Just for Just

Being the lazy guy that I am, I never do anything unless I really have to. As such I never iron 
anything unless I am going to wear it right after.  I have now become used to  acertain pattern
 in the loadshedding schedule and I know on which days to iron an extra shirt for that morning when there will be no electricty.

Somebody somewhere turned everything on its head and yesterday morning I woke up to an electricity free flat. I mmediately knew I was in trouble because the only two clean "office" shirts were so creased they looked like they had just been spat out by a cow that had decided it didnt like how they tasted after chewing on them for a while.

I ended up going to work in a shirt with a few of those African designs on them- I had decided to bring the casual friday a day forward.  I kept getting odd looks at the office but surprisingly nobody questioned my choice of shirt. It wasn't until later while at steakout for the rock night that everyone I met was asking if I was on leave or something.

From now on its mass ironing for me. Anybody know a cheap dhobi?

I have read many technology reviews and many sites have interesting writers but nothing has amused me more than the guys at niggaknow. Its not so much for the reviews but for the language and the humour. Granted the language is rather explicit and somewhat racist if you are white or asian, but I found it funny using hardcore ghetto slang to review the tech.

Speaking of tech. Apparently Ugandans do use the WAP services on their mobile phones. I was surprised to learn that many Ugandans access the beeb on their cellphones (considering the small number of Ugandans
 with cellphones (saying nothing about those with WAP enabled sets).

Any of you believe in time travel? Is world war 3 starting in 2015? A chap called John Titor told us it will when he dropped in from 2036 looking for some 1975 IBM PC for some kind of research in his time. After acquiring what he wanted, he dicides to check out the years and landed in 2001 and started dropping all sorts of predictions on the future on many forums and chatrooms. Even had sketches of his time machine and all. Check out this site dedicated to his predictions and this wiki that puts it in perspective. I say it was a damn fine hoax.

Enough randomness for now. Gots to get back to the future work.


savage said...

There is so much muthafuckin' ebonics on niggaknow that it's hard to make sense of what the guy is saying-just my opinion. For humorous tech reviews, takes my money.

Kaunda said...

LOL I thought to comment about niggaknow, but then thought the better of it. But I'll comment anyway. As a white American I do find it funny and it was interesting to imagine how the humor of is filtered through your Ugandan perspective.

Ouch, racism is such an intractable problem. In th e1940's anthropolgist Ruth Benedict wrote:

"Racism is an ism to which everyone in the world today is exposed; for or against, we must take sides. And the history of the future will differ according to the decision which we make."

That's as true now as it was then!

I don't really take naggaknow as "racist" but as exposing racism and upending it. But that's really tricky teritory.

On a different level the idea of writing a blog as a character is pretty cool. Some bloggers who do this are better at it than others. There is political blog where the writer takes the character as "The Moose." His politics aren't always to my tastes, but he gets the trope well. More to my political leanings is

I don't really know of an African blog that does the same, but I would be interested in reading one if there is one.

Anyway, I love your blog.

Big Eddie Ed said...

eyo thanks for that link. holla back .. also fuck them gizmodo article biting ass niggas. -1

inktus said...

silly rabbit, time travel is for phsycopaths!!

(serious, u seen the Jacket?)

Iwaya said...

abou the cheap dhobi, if you were living in Ntinda, i could seriously recommend, man!

baz said...

Dhobi-wise, in Kireka there are like five who even do deliveries!