Friday, September 01, 2006

Everything you've always wanted to know about Jay, but were afraid to ask.

I got this idea from another blogger a while back but I didnt think much of it then. But now I think
 it could actually be interesting.

Basically, I want you guys out there to ask me anything you want. The questions can be about 
myself, my opinions on issues, they can be whimsical but humorous. Actually anything except my 

This ought to be interesting for me seeing what kinds of questions y'all come up with. 
Send in the questions by email to hommenwa at yahoo dot fr.

Will be dropping the answers in a week or so. For obvious reasons, some questions I might not answer fully.


Kenyanchick said...

Ooh this is going to be fun!!

Let me come up with some deadly questions - I'll send them over as soon as I'm done!

I will never do this type of thing, so don't even ask.. ha ha!

Mataachi said...

Jay, i'm lazy like this so i'm gonna just go ahead and ask the question here...(and i think up some more i will be sending them)...

where do you fall? to circumise or not to circumise, for men that is?

Cherie said...

cant do the mail thing bse my identity will be sold for a ama go on here...
1. That profile pic of yours,,,do u look remotely like that? I could swear i've seen u before. Or the real owner of that "face". U look somewhat like "Chege", that guy in "The river between". Never seen him tho(i just put his name to that face).

2. Do u blog under another identity ie. Iwaya. same writing style!Or do u atleast know each other?

Cherie said...

Oh by the way...some French!

scotchbiscuits said...

i always wondered,do you put both socks on before both shoes,or is it one sock and shoe and then the other two? I'm like lazy too log on to yahoo.

lissingmink said...

i will also do the lazy thing?

what do you wear to bed?

lehommenoir is just a french thingie or vous etes parlez fraincais?

favourite sex position... pour quoi?

3 people (if given a chance)you would love to meet

lissingmink said... iwaya or r u buddies?