Thursday, September 14, 2006

As you asked

To those that asked, here goes.
Where do you fall? To circumcise or not to circumcise, for men that is?

Circumcission seems to be the thing these days for various reasons, many of which I don’t buy. Personally, I am against circumcision simply because I am against self-mutilation of any kind. Nothing to do with all the scientific facts about reduced chances of getting HIV (condoms do that a lot better) and theories on how the girls love it better (haven’t received complaints yet). I am doing just fine with the foreskin on.

That profile pic of yours,,,do u look remotely like that? I could swear i've seen u before. Or the real owner of that "face". U look somewhat like "Chege", that guy in "The river between". Never seen him tho (i just put his name to that face).

Yes and no. The nose and forehead are quite similar, but the cheekbones are what make the major difference. Fill the cheeks out a bit, add a goatee and some more hair on top of his head and yes he might just pass off as me.

The reason I chose it though was because it was the description of a what a typical black man (un homme noir) looks like in an old anthropological journal. It’s a painting of a Mandingo slave from 18th Century New Orleans or thereabouts.

Do u blog under another identity ie. Iwaya. same writing style!Or do u atleast know each other? iwaya or r u buddies?

I do not blog under any other identity. I am flattered that I can be mistaken for somebody far more talented than myself. Although I do administer a specialised group blog, where I post articles under my real identity sometimes. But that is not my blog.

i always wondered,do you put both socks on before both shoes, or is it one sock and shoe and then the other two?

I had never really thought about it until you asked. I put on both socks first before I put on the shoes. Is there anything for the psychologists to read in to this.

What do you wear to bed?

Only my chocolate-brown skin. No pyjamas, no boxers, nada. All night, every night.
I have never really been down with the whole pyjama thing even as a kid. I would have probably been sleeping naked back then if it was not for sharing room with siblings and such.

Sleeping nude is the best way to sleep. It is so comfortable especially during those hot nights in this sunny city.

Lehommenoir is just a french thingie or vous parlez francais?

J'aime la langue fran├žaise et je la parle mais je ne suis pas fleunt.

favourite sex position... pour quoi?

Woman on top. All pleasurable details aside, it involves less work.

i wanna know about ur love life!! is
their a significant other, y or y not? how long u guys been together if
u r indeed together?? any plans of gettin wit anyone if u'r single?? i
mean, i noticed u dont discuss ur love life a lot, and i'm curious..

There is no significant other right now. There hasn’t been for some months. I spent most of last year and early this year dealing with two “significant others”. One liked me a lot and she made this point very clear. Unfortunately I did not feel her the same (a minor detail I never got to mention to her), mostly because there was this other person I liked a lot. But this other person was very unclear and kept playing me like a puppet (she knew I was smitten). Not to bore you with details, in the end one young lady left the country hating me for breaking her heart and it was eventually made clear to me that the other young lady liked some other chap more (I wish I had gotten to find out under less embarrassing circumstances).

I am "freelancing" right now and enjoying the benefits that such a situation has to offer but I can definitely get with someone. Although when you use the word “plans” its like it is some kind of ten-point programme thingy.

3 people (if given a chance) you would love to meet

There are like a gazillion people I’d like to meet but since I don not have a ready made top 3 list I will put up these.

I’d really like to have a one-on-one with His Excellency Kaguta. I’d like to seat down with him over, unfortunately, tea and pick his brains for a while.

I hope dead people count because I’d really have also liked to meet Hitler and ask him WTF?

There is this lady Ayaan Hirsi Ali,who seems to thrive on having fatwas declared on (or is it against) her fine self. And also because It is always enriching to be in the company of beautiful women.

Hopefully that answers all.


savage said...

I had no idea this would turn out this interesting. I am compiling question sof my own for you.

Kenyanchick said...

I didn't get a chance to send you questions. I'll work on some now, but first: why would you like to meet Ayaan? And what would you say to her if you were to meet?

inktus said...

wow, u even answered the ones i forgot to ask!

(like bout le homme noir, always wondered...)

baz said...

I recently mentioned to Iwaya that you write like a Volvo.
What's the deadline for part II?

savage said...

Imagine you a in a meaningful and satisfying relationship. Also imagine your biggest crush. Now imagine that your biggest crush is more than willing to serve you, all you have to do is say the world. Would you have relations with ya crush and cheat on your girl?

If your best friend told you about a rumor concerning your girl and tells you not to tell anyone he is the source and your girl knows for sure that it's only through ya friend that you can get to know about this rumor. So talking to your girl about said rumor exposes your friend who you made a promise to. What would you do in such a situation?

Juliana or Iryn? I am not talking about music here.

If you were the kind who has no problem getting tattoos, would you get a tattoo with ya girl's name?

If the opportunity presented itself, would you have relations with your best friend's girl?

Jay said...

@KC I would ask her if she really feels that strongly or those she make provocative statements and movie scripts to get people pissed off so that she can keep in the limelight.

@Baz what does a volveo write like? Just bring in your questions.

lissingmink said...


miRe said...

oh monsieur, un(e?) question: l'homme dans le icon(?) in firefox did you do that?

It is a blue stick figure.

Cherie said...

oi Jay m'dear, time to update....

just sayin!

baz said...

Jay, a volvo is a reliable, strong, efficient machine that is also sleek and elegant and moves smoothly.

And dude, before you update, check your mail!

Degstar said...

i wanna c ur answers to savage's qns mate.