Tuesday, December 06, 2005

God has sent me, my......rear end

I have just read the interview in which Janet Museveni claims that she was instructed by God to stand for parliament. What a load of bollocks. What the heck do the first couple think Ugandans are?

Usually I try to stay away from discussing politics but every now and then I get itched to rant and rave and I can’t help scratching the itch. Janet Museveni coming up with a statement like that not long after her husband “reluctantly” and “under duress” decided to offer himself as the movement’s candidate for the 2006 elections, leaves me thinking that the these guys think the rest of us are brainless idiots.

If Janet wants to stand, fine. But for crying out loud let her save us the bloody “God’s chosen one” routine. I am tired enough already of her hubby’s endless complaints about how he would love nothing more than to give everything up to go and tend his cows if only it were not for the fact that he can’t see anybody with a vision to rule Uganda after him and also if the people did not keep forcing him to rule them just a little longer.

Let me end this here I feel my blood pressure rising a few notches. I hope she gets her ..ahemm... kicked in the elections.


Lovely Amphibian said...

you are so right, dude. can you believe these politicians?! okay, this here lady is not really a politician in the right sense of the word but...to drag God into this sordid mess!

Jay said...

Those are the times in which we are living. I just wonder where their minds are at when they chose to make statements like those.