Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Inzi wake up and smell the BS

Poor Dorcus Inzikuru. She has gone and fainted again. This happened while she was at the New Vision to present a letter detailing her frustrations with the government. It seems a combination heavy morning training and mountains of frustration over broken promises did not agree with her and she succumbed.

Inzikuru was the first woman to win a gold medal in the 3000 metres steeplechase. And this of course raised her profile a lot internationally and at home. Before long every politician wanted to be associated with her. She was received with pomp at parliament and everyone wanted to put in a word.

Thus far, all good. However, since politicians are wont to run their mouths endlessly, soon each of these dishonourable fellows was promising poor Dorcus heaven and earth. After a while the jubilation was over and the MPs were back to trashtalking each other, sucking up to Kagu and making complete jackasses of themselves, basically back to parliamentary business as usual. And the rest of us went back to worrying about the usual, making money, doing the happyhour circuit and avoiding teargas.

Nobody put much stock in what the MPs and government people said, these are guys who promise bridges and rivers (to justify the bridges), except poor Inzikuru, who has been running up and down demanding her house, car etc. State Minister for Sports, Bakabulindi, got pissed off because he couldn’t comprehend why this young lady just couldn’t understand that the promises made were for the gallery and the cameras and were never intended to be taken seriously.
Poor girl is properly going to stress herself so much she might not compete soon. I Hope she learns soon enough how her leaders treat sports people. She should start following the media closely. This way she will soon know how her case is hardly unique. She will also learn to thank her stars because she at least bagged $100,000 after winning her gold medal (a member of the Cranes wouldn’t earn that in an entire career).


Iwaya said...

man, we've got to get away from this attitude that our governments don't owe us as citizens something yet we fulfill our end of the bargain most of the time very honourably! this is what inzi was trying to do. and i fully support her efforts. we should demand what is owed us and not back down and away.

baz said...

According to the Vis, she was given two bottles of mineral water then collapsed. I am not accusing New Vision of anything, but I have heard that some people smuggle waragi into offices in mineral water bottles...

Jay said...

BAz, now that would really spice up the news. Some personal experience in that direction perhaps (as far as the potent water is concerned)?