Friday, December 23, 2005

Musing over Noel

The festive season is upon us again. Why then don’t I feel festive?

I remember back in the day Christmas was something you would look forward to for months. It was always the one time of the year when you were assured of new stuff and as much soda as you could have, and the food of course.

However, somewhere along the way Christmas lost its lustre and became just another day when I do not have to work. It follows the same routine, have lunch with the family sleep a bit because I am to full, then call up my friends (those that are in Kampala anyway) and congregate with them somewhere over a few beers. The whole town is usually empty and so are most of the hangouts. The upside is that there is peace and quite.

I feel envious when I see families loading up the 4x4s all set for the journey to the villages. Even those happy faces at the bus parks looking forward to meeting their people after a year of back breaking labour in the capital. I wish I had some of that.

There is not much for me in the village because due to deaths and relocations over the years the reasons most people go to the village do not exist for me, i.e checking out grannies and village relatives etc. My family consists of a little more than me, my mum and my two siblings who all live in Kampala.

This Christmas will be the first one I celebrate while leaving in my own place (I recently realised I was the oldest guy I knew still living with his mum and this scared me into declaring that 2006 would find me living independently even if it meant entering a flat with nothing more than the clothes on my back).

Anyway I wish you all a Merry Christmas, especially those blog friends I have made over the past few months and hope we are all fine and dandy come 2K6.


Iwaya said...

jayseus! man, i hope you don't have a cocked rifle nearby. this is what john keats (wink! name dropping)called losing the zest of living. diminished sense of wonder. it happens when you grow up, they used to tell me. i think it's just plain deciding not to be alive to everything around you because it costs so much to be that way all the time. your blog pix show u still have it.

Jay said...

No cocked rifles be assured. and the zest of living is definitely alive. That was just some down time that ended as quickly as it came on.

Carlo said...

well, at least the country you're in celebrates Christmas. I had to get to church first before I realised it was actually Christmas in India, that's all the Christmas decorations I could see in the whole city of New Delhi! wat se jy van a "switch" met my family? ek wil in Uganda te wees!

Jay said...

Could I have a translation please of the last 2 sentences.