Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Work Blues

Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?
Edgar Bergen (1903 - 1978)

Right now I am in full agreement with Mr. Bergen above. I have never really been one to exert my self at work, but today I really really don’t feel like doing anything. As far as the mind is concerned we are closed for the holidays when it comes to office related stuff. Since I put the one assignment that had been giving me grief behind me, I think I can chill a bit.

Its kind of fun pretending to work when you are not. Right now I am posting this at work but because I am typing away furiously in Word, the bossman doesn’t have any suspicions when he pops his head in. There are no colourful graphics or funny PowerPoint forwards open on the screen. And being the perennial skiver I positioned the PC monitor in a way that it alerts me of whoever is approaching from behind. That way I can always click to that open spreadsheet that is always there for such emergencies.

I can’t wait for the 10 days of full lounging coming my way soon. The joy of waking up on a Monday without having work on one’s mind.

Its time to prowl around for some wicked forwards to send to my friends who are more serious with their work. I have to help them ease up a bit. I wouldn’t want them to die of hardwork.

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