Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Better Luck Next time

The Black Stars have proved they can tussle it out with the best. See you in SA in 2010.

Does anybody else feel that the refereeing could have been better?


Anonymous said...

is this your way of saying you're going tomake yourself scarce till i forget the bet we made?

Jay said...

Something's Cooking. soon to be served

CountryBoyi said...

yeah man. someone needed to haul that ref off the pitch & punch him in the stomach!!

Iwaya said...

Violence, violence is no solution in the beautiful game Dennis (many sniggers...)and you owe me too! after that whopping, really you should admit defeat gracefully not scruffily (endless deep belly laugh!)

this is totally unrelated to your post but this is the only way i can find to voice my aggrieved feelings and since its you who linked him...where the hell is Yuda?? what have you done to him? why doesn't he ever update no more? man, i miss his posts. if you know how to get in touch with him, please let him know that one fan here is waiting and waiting for a new one from him.

Degstar said...

man i wish dat ref was Colombian! then he'd be Escobar'ed when he got back home after FIFA has rightly kicked him outta the WC. fucking imbecile!

yeah, wssup with Yuda? Negro die or something?

any of y'all know wssup with Carlo's blog, i'm still getting a line of code n i know as much about html as Baz does abt women i.e. nada.

Jay said...

I dunno where Yuda upped and vanished to but my guess is he will be back soon.

Baz defend thyself