Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More blog problems and other World Cup issues

 I am still trying to change my template and I thought , what the heck, while I am at it let style the whole thing up. unfortunately my knowledge of HTML is only as old as my knowledge of blogger (very limited). Therefore I do not want to run the risk of screwing stuff up.

Hopefully by tomorrow everything will be all right.

P.S. I am in a bit of a quandary here. Ecuador and England are going to meet in the second round. Ecuador, I want to proceed for reasons I have already expressed. England has been a team I have supported consinstently for as long as I can remember (except for a while after the 1990 world cup, when they "stole" the semi-final from Cameroon- I still curse Gary Lineker to this day).

I guess it will be like whenever I try to play chess or cards alone. I always end up playing for one of the "two" sides against the other.

Disclaimer: This was not posted with the intention of having Savage slit his wrists. It is the World Cup season and inevitably these things occupy most people's (scratch that) men's minds.


m said...

When in doubt support the Underdog!

Fikirte said...

What I learnt about changing templates for a blogsite:

1. Save your links, previous posts... things that you put in the current template manually in a notepad.

2. Change your template

3. Cut and paste your extras in the template. Voila

4. There are several free templates online that Blogger supports. My favourite is You can even have three column templates, change the colours of bars, fonts... and replace any image with your own... I admit, it requires a lot of fiddling.

5. If you decide to brave a total make over with templates from other sources, I recommend you create a new site, practice with that while leaving your current site intact.

Re soccer. I'm going through the same dilemma. I'm a second generation Brazilian supporter from Ethiopia. A she football fanatic BTW. I don't want to see any African team playing against Brazil. It's going to be heartbreaking. Good luck with the templates (and soccer).

Jay said...

Thanks for the advise Firkite.

A She-Football fan. Wish there were more of you around. Some of our lives would be a whole lot easier.

Lovely Amphibian said...

Is it me or is 90% of Ugandan soccer fans in the Emgland camp?

savage said...

at least your blog problems are not as bad as Carlo's whose blog has totally disappeared.

And I guess, I am gonna have to bite the bullet and get used to the madness.

Jay said...

LA in my neck of the woods most people are either Argentina or Barazil

inktus said...

another she-football fan here givin her 2 cents: Argentina over Brazil over England anyday.

Iwaya said...

WOW! the new look is wuite a jump, totally rocking! congs on the successful transition.

but i have a quibble: the picture on top of the blog...that is not Kampala is it? that doesn't look like Kampala to me.

baz said...

Word round town, Nate, is that you are the one who killed Carlo's blog.