Thursday, June 22, 2006


Finally the template change is done. Still a few things to sort out though.

What do you guys think.


Kaunda said...

Wow this looks great Jay! Are you sure you're not an HTML geek?

I really love your voice. It's great to hear from Uganda.

~sandinmyshoes~ said...

looking good, Jay. Your blog, I mean. That's not to say that you don't look good- or might not, since I've never met you... Okay never mind.

I like the pics.

savage said...

Whoa! Nze aga walayi kino tikiboonangaku!
That's quite the fetching template you got there pal.

Jay said...

@Kaunda, It has taken me a lot of nearly sleepless nights and more beginner's luck to get it this way.

@sandyinmyshoes I look too good that its not fair to everyone else in my presence. Hahahahaha

@Savage Muna, webale ino

Anonymous said...

Jay, you are supposed to be giving us the follow-up to your other chart-busting multiplatinum BBC-featured post. Blogging about your blog doesn't count. Quit making us salivate; thought-provoke us again!

scotchbiscuits said...

was worth the trouble!!
now be a dear and translate all the tech.stuff you learned/used to do your template to easy English. really easy...and save the rest of us peasant bloggers!

Degstar said...

man i dunno,
maybe its my PC, i aint feeling this here new vibe, i do like the pix though

Degstar said...

by that i meant nti template elobye okulabika bulungi ino ku PC eyange. i'll try refreshing page yo tubonne