Thursday, June 29, 2006

Its official, Kony is nuts

Joseph Kony has just granted an interview to a British journalist in which he claims that everything he does, he does on behalf of the spirits. The spirits guide him and give him instructions.

Its at time like this that I wish I had the powers to order an all out carpet bombing of his hideouts (which are known) and have this holy spirit rebellion business done with.

If the spirits give orders that lead to the suffering of thousands then I say we silence the medium.

For their sake, at least.


Bronchitikat said...

Sounds like he's listening to some pretty evil spirits then, & the sooner he's stopped the better.

Kaunda said...

Jay, you may know I'm an American. What may be hard to believe, but I think is true nonetheless, is there are many the world over who care very much about what's going on.

I'm not military theorist, or a politician, so I don't have an informed position about your idea for "carpet bombing." The problem with "Kony is crazy" is that it tends to take our eyes off the context in which his movement exists. Charles Onyango-Obbo's recent analysis in "The Monitor" seems useful Kony is a regional power that like you, I believe should be neutralized.

Surely I don't have the kind of in-depth knowledge of the situation that you in Uganda do. But I welcome the Ugandan government's exploration of talks. The participation in talks is important because the issues are bigger than Kony. Talks are too often derailed, still I'm hopeful that regional leaders can agree that a regional LRA is a menace and that concrete steps to rid the region of Kony and the LRA will be taken.

CountryBoyi said...

wow jay, u finally got it. your new site is so cool, am jealous. and that kaphot of yours, wow, u like like nyungu ya mawe. he, he!!!!!

Mataachi said...

That photo on your blog Jay is just hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really, i have to wipe the tears in my eyes every time i see that delight. oh my god!

Jay said...

@Kaunda, its all well and good to talk about trying to understand the context in which Kony exists but I strongly believe that a dead Kony would be very helpful to ending this seemingly endless conflict. The carpet bombing bit was a bit emotional but the sentiment is that Kony and his gang need to be wiped out. I am all for talks but because I have seen very many efforts get derailed by both the government and the rebels, I am kind of pessimistic about the whole idea.

Besides peace talks are a bit problematic in my view. What happens if Kony accepts peace? Does he get handed over to the ICC to live out the rest of his life in a foreign prison? Does the government grant him amnesty and a chance to integrate himself into the society? What? I have never met him but I doubt if Kony can live in any other environment different from the one he is in now.

@Dennis and Mataachi, Merci beaucoup

JKB said...

Peace talks? Those are smoke screens, Kony is served by the Hague there can never be a deal from M7 to him, because M7 ain't above international law. On the other hand a smoke screen can be used to capture him without further bloodshed.

cygnus said...

To talk with Kony is to surrender to evil. Maybe it may have to come to that -- talks being what it takes to end this thing -- and if it does, we should mourn when the talks end with his surrender, but the optimum solution is his death.

inktus said...

i read Aboke Girls when i was in p.7, and i prayed to God to disillusion the man and save a nation. now, older and wiser, i'm all for the smoke screen that is peace talks.

~sandinmyshoes~ said...

@ Jay: I know what you mean... all that stuff about denying that him and his followers killed/raped/maimed so many people is insane. The man is crazy.
I personally do not believe in peace talks or amnesty for Kony, because that is not how you deal with a man that has led a bloody war without any seemingly just cause for 20 years.