Monday, February 27, 2006

5 more years of M7

I am settling down to the first week of Musevni’s next five years as president. I can’t say I was surprised by the presidential election results but I am still disappointed by the results of the parliamentary elections. The opposition MPs are less than they were previously.

This means the next parliament will be full of the people ready to accept anything Museveni asks them to. The only difference is that now, under the multiparty system, it will be called the party line.

I only hope the great drop in overall support for the movement will act as a wake-up call to Museveni. There might a certain number of people he can always count on for votes but its getting smaller. 40% of the electorate do not feel Museveni and thats telling.

Thats done and we must all move on. Back to everyday problems and hopefully more meaningful involvement in trying to change the status quo if we find it not to our liking instead of only crying ourselves hoarse in the weeks running up to, and just after, the elections.

Time to seat back and listen to The Best of Seal:1991-2004 (currently listening to Fly like an Eagle).

Later y'all. No more politics for a while.


Degstar said...

phew! now we get on with the business of life. twas distracting while it lasted though.

Carlo said...

amen to that! i'm tired of politics too. weird considering i'm studying politics!