Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Yap Yap Yap........

Why do some people feel they always have to be talking. Why do some people feel that being in close proximity to somebody calls for engaging them in conversation.

Cases in point

In a waiting room, bus, etc..say hi, comment about the weather or anything, after that you will have fulfilled your friendly duty and if I want to engage in more conversation I will let you know. Do not go on and on because you feel you have to. Do not worry about me I can stay quiet for 3 hours quite comfortably.

At work, do not give me a running commentary on everything that goes through your office (or head). You are in accounts and I am in communications, my job does not require me to know every anomaly you have discovered (I don’t understand most of it anyway). When we entered office in the morning you asked me if I had watched last evening’s African Nations cup match and I said yes, why then take me through the entire match again.

When I am engaged in any of these 2, reading and watching movies, the less verbal interaction I have with other people the better.

I pay money to watch a movie in the cinema because I really want to experience it intensely, otherwise I will wait for the DVD (thanks to our Asian friends, this might be before the movie comes to the cinema) so please let me be; we shall discuss it over drinks later. I don’t know about you, but I can’t read and talk at the same time.

Yes I have seen you on TV and yes your show is off the hook (so i've heard) but I really don’t care if the bad roads are messing up the shocks of your new sports car, or how nobody seems to know how to mix a martini and especially how you just can’t seem to keep all those adoring bimbettes away from you. I came to the club to have a drink, dance a bit and unwind, and you are getting on my nerves.

Enough said. Ranting wears me out.


Degstar said...

i just know you're talking about Kazoora! go on and admit it already.

Jay said...

Degstar, your words not mine.

Iwaya said...

there is nothing as frigtening as silence for some people. silence is a chance for the conscience to start whirling and what comes out for most people is not pretty.

that's why noise and speech is forever important to some people.

Iwaya said...

that was all shit.

Carlo said...

what about us who can't keep quiet for 3 WHOLE HOURS STRAIGHT!!!

oh, this has been nagging me for a while and i just can't keep it in anymore. it's "l'homme noir", not "le homme noir". 'h' is a vowel in french so you can't have another vowel before it. it just kept bugging me everytime i had to type in your blog address. yeah, welcome to prissy me!

Jay said...

je sais. its just that the browser wont allow and address with an apostrophe and lhommenoir just didnt read right to me.