Friday, February 17, 2006

Radio Katwe takes to the blogosphere, a website that has been publishing anti-government gossip, was disabled last week by the government in a move to censor the potentially damaging stories (mostly about Museveni and his family) that could cost the movement government votes in the upcoming elections.

The fact that the Ugandan government has started censoring websites is cause for concern and should be the subject for further analysis. However, the thing that has struck me in all this is how quickly the editors of have embraced blogging as a countermeasure to the government's moves. This week the Radio Katwe editors moved all their stories to their new blog and they have been posting new stuff since.

Personally I think most of radio katwe’s stories are untrue and some are simply outrageous. However, content and motive aside, the move by Radio Katwe to the blogosphere shows that blogging is becoming a tool of choice for people with views that might not go down well with their governments.

I wonder if the government is going to pursue the gossip-mongers into the blogosphere


Carlo said...

talk about ugandan CIA. do you think your blog will be a target at some point? ek hoop nie, want ek geniet om jou blog te lees altyd.

Undo said...

Untrue...nada, I believe most of the stuff in the blog link you have given seems to be dead...I guess there is always a way.

check radio katwe with latest updates using

choose english and type in the URL of katwe