Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Idle and disorderly?

Sometimes my fellow Kampalans surprise me with their prudish nature. Yesterday 11 young ladies were arrested by the police and detained for 5 hours.

Their crime: Causing public excitement.

How: By looking hot

The poor girls were part of a publicity campaign for a new FM station in Kampala. The campaign has been authorised by the city authorities and it had been running for one day already.

While talking to the press, the man who ordered their arrest, CID Chief Rashid Obbo, said "...their dressing was improper. They were idle and disorderly. They were dressed in an indecent way that could excite the public..."

I mean come on. Of course they wanted to excite the public. To excite them about the new station. Everybody I know who saw them didnt mind the excitement, least of all my self. They were not idle and certainly not disorderly. They were doing something they had been hired for that had already been approved.

Its not like the girls were passing out brochures while wearing thongs.


inktus said...

oh how i miss my easily excitable Ugandans! idlers in the park, boda-boda men, mobs that accumulate out of thin-dusty-air!

Carlo said...

why haven't the politics excited the ugandans cuz they're exciting me way over here. hm, mbu "improper dress". i reckon ugandans need a dose of south african scanty dress to know what real excitement is!