Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gearing up for Elections

I have just received accreditation as a local elections observer. Armed with my letter, Observer ID card and a folder of numerous documents I haven’t gone through yet I am ready top to point out anybody up to no good come Thursday.

My being an observer is also a way of atoning for my not registering to vote (considering the flak I got when I let that fact slip). At least now I am taking on some kind of civic responsibility.

Unfortunately I am going to be in boring Mpigi where it’s unlikely that there will be anything interesting to observe. Silly me. I should be lucky if the elections all over Uganda were as unexciting as they are bound to be in Mpigi. No violence, no stuffing of ballot boxes and other malpractices that have been witnessed in previous elections in Uganda. But since I know having a clean election in Uganda now is just about as likely as Museveni growing an Afro, I’d like to be where the nasty stuff is more likely to go down, like Rukungiri.

I should also check my manual and see what it says about cameras because I’d like to take some pictures to put up here.

On a related topic, I wonder why everybody is engaging panic mode like all hell is about to break loose. Some people I know are filling up their fuel tanks and stocking up on groceries as if an apocalypse is nigh.

If 2001 is anything to go by, these elections will go on with minimal violence. In 2001, there were daily reports of election related beatings, shootings, campaign disruptions etc. The elections came round and there was no widescale violence that had been predicted.

This year's election campaigns have been tame (I am not ignoring the deaths that have occured, I'm just comparing with the last two elections) and I don't see any reason why the post election period should be violent.


Degstar said...

good thing you redeemed yourself by ...of all things... deigning to become an election observer. in the words of Josef Stalin, "it matters not how people vote, what matters is who counts the votes", protect our votes dude, protect them with all you've got. the Blue Revolution needs you!

Carlo said...

thanx for putting my fears at ease . . . a bit with your 2001 analogy. i'm still praying for my country though so there won't be any funny business. just do what you gotta do fairly and now i might be just a bit proud of you. hehehehe ;-)