Monday, February 27, 2006

Upgrades. Bloody Upgrades

I have only barely gotten over the inconvenience of the additional “2” that all mobile phone companies told us to add to our usual 071, 077 and 075 numbers (having to edit every number in the phonebook was not the most enjoyable of tasks) and now I have to suffer with another upgrade at Nile Bank.

Nile bank decided to change all the PIN numbers in use by all ATM cardholders recently. All customers were told to go to their various branches and apply for their new PINs because the old Pin numbers were to become ineffective after 25 February. To effect this change all the bank’s branches (ATM machines included) were closed from Wednesday 22-Saturday 25.

Everybody assumed that the Pin code change was to be easy. Present your name account and card number and there would be a new PIN code waiting. The reality has turned begin out to be totally different.

To begin with, all new PINs are being issued at the main branch on Spear House and the they only started issuing them today yet they have been collecting and turning down applications for nearly two weeks.

I had to stand in line for 3 hours to get my new Pin number after which I stood in line at the ATM for close to 30 minutes. Like myself, everybody must have woken up with the nearest ATM on their minds. Anyway when I get to the ATM I find the same measly minimum balance I had left on Tuesday evening. My money hadn’t been posted because the banks were closed. An right now I am checking on the Online machines in the city centre via their website and they are only four of the furthest from my current location.

Everyone else started the Monday in high spirits, because the ATM checks had produced good news, except yours truly who had the bad luck of being a Nile Bank Customer.

Makes me want to kick something.


Degstar said...

do come on over to HFCU, we dont even pretend to have an ATM network - except for the rumours that there's one in the vicinity of the main branch.

Carlo said...

go on, kick your wall. AND KICK HARD! you'll feel better after the swelling has gone down a bit. and in the next two weeks you're in a cast you'll have enough sick leaves for the year. aren't i a great friend?

Iwaya said...

ah, the pleasures of the queue...i remember how many great friends i have made in the queue... i mean their breath was a little suspect and the rubbing up against you could be a little disturbing...what am i saying????

changing the 2s in the phone book is for late nights when u can't sleep, or do you sleep well?
by the way, what was it about? do u think the change was to enable the state to eavesdrop in on us better? just one concerned paranoid conspiracy buff.

Carlo said...

updates are one major part of upgrades so you'd better get on with the programme dahling!